The Bodyguard – 1992

IMDB: The Bodyguard – 1992

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 33%

When a young performer has an enthusiastic stalker (I mean breaking into someones bedroom and blowing their wad on the pillow isn’t exactly normal) she needs a new bodyguard for her own protection. When she gets lined up with a ex Secret Service agent, emotions run high.

A long time ago, my siblings and I pooled our pocket money to send my parents off to see this at the movies, and the first few times that I was subjected to it well after that time, I never got into it. Once however (after a death in the family I think) I actually didn’t mind it. Then after a few more watches over the years it grew on me a bit. That said, I still can’t stand her singing.

Whilst it’s scores would lead you to believe differently, this movie does actually have a bit of a cult following online, and I can understand why. In the off chance you haven’t seen this movie, and you’re in the right mood for it, give it a go, you may find you actually don’t hate it.


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