Battle: Los Angeles – 2011

IMDB: Battle: Los Angeles

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 38%

When the world gets invaded by aliens and naturally it’s the Americans (or more correctly the) Marines who need to form the last line of defence. Between Santa Monica beach and downtown LA.

Because of course that’s where the last line of defence would be. Not like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (sorry anyone who lives there).

The story is set to follow Marine Staff Sergeant Nantz who has just organised his retirement after 20 years in the marines, when ET decide the earth looks like a good location for an invasion. He and his new (just out of officer training) Lieutenant need to turn the tide at all costs.

This movie suits its purpose of providing minimal working storyline with a lot of gunfights and a few explosions thrown in for good measure. In my case it was an ideal way to pass 2 hours waiting in an airport lounge before flying home. I’ll watch it again, but only because the explosions sound great at full volume.


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