Ghost in the Shell – 1995

IMDB: Ghost in the Shell – 1995

IMDB Rating: 8.0/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 96%

I prefer this version over the remake, though I do enjoy that as well, I just feel that the original doesn’t have quite the limitations that the live action one does.

Set in 2029, this follows the story of the semi-cybernetic secretive Section 9 (was there enough “sssss” in that?) who are tracking an elusive cyber criminal known as the Puppet Master who has been causing all sorts of problems by hacking the brains of other cyborgs and making them perform other crimes. Following the investigation culminating in very much a meeting of the minds, it takes us through a journey of wonder, and the idea that one day those with cybernetic implants or brains will wonder “am I still human?”

Despite being over 20 years old this is still beautifully animated, the soundtrack is popping at the right times, and immersive when needed. It shows amazing landscapes and thrilling pedestrian scenes. Every scene adds something to the storyline, and it all just fits flawlessly together.

This is the movie that started the cult following, spawned an entire TV series, and a number of other spin off products. I thoroughly recommend spending the time to see this flick.


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