Godzilla: Monster Planet – 2017

IMDB: Godzilla: Monster Planet – 2017

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: na%

Years after we lose the planet to the kaiju king Godzilla, a select group of refugees have been selected to scout out new planet to see if it is worth attempting colonisation, but they quickly decide it’s going to be easier to try to kill the king.

This seems like it is the start of a series, but despite the 88 minute length I feel like they just rushed the show to the end of the movie/episode as there was no significant character development apart from the start where the good old “x killed my parents, so I’m going to kill you” background was designed. It’s been done before, and I feel done a lot better than what’s been done here.

It’s not a bad show, and I think if it does become “episodic” has potential to be a great series. If another episode comes out, I’ll definitely watch it to see how it all comes out…


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