Riddick – 2013

IMDB: Riddick – 2013

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 57%

I thought I had seen all of the Riddick movies, but somehow this one has escaped my viewing pleasure. It fits neatly into the overall flow of this series and is well placed to fill some of the gaps in storytelling.

It seems to follow on from the battle with the Necromungers and starts with Riddick on the desolate sun scorched planet with all sorts of creatures hunting him, he has the initial flashback to his return to Furia, and how he was attempted taken down by yet more wannabe Marshals. His introspection leads him to find that he has mellowed in his old age, and needs to properly find the animal within him again.

When he gets a emergency beacon going it attracts help from his past and hunters from his future.

Overall it’s not a terrible movie despite it’s obvious heavy reliance on CGI to do what it needs to, and the fact that it is a blatant retelling of Pitch Black really, it comes across as mostly well done, and somewhat enjoyable to view.


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