Bright – 2017

IMDB: Bright – 2017

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 27%

When Officer Daryl Ward returns to work after copping (pun intended) a shotgun blast to the chest whilst his Orc partner was getting busy with a burrito, he has the weight of the force on his shoulders when everyone thinks that his partner Nick Jakoby let the Orc assailant get away during the ensuing chase.

Shit really starts to go pear shaped when they come onto a scene where a wand (one of the powerful magical items in the world) is discovered in the hands of a Bright (one of the few people who can hold a wand without it destroying them). First the other cops turn on them an d decide to kill the two officers, which gets switched around when Officer Ward drops them all, but now the word is out and everyone knows there is a wand up for the taking.

On the run from the police, the local gangs, the Inferni (bad arsed elf ladies who kick arse and chew gum – and you guessed it, they ain’t got no gum) as well as the magical FBI specialists, they are on a mission to not die, and struggling to do it successfully.

The special effects are great considering the amount of money put into it by Netflix. The story is ok, but I felt it was too rushed and didn’t build the story up enough before jumping into the next scene (and inevitably the next action shot). There is apparently a TV show being done in this world but won’t have Will Smith in it which is disappointing but we shall see. It is worth seeing, but won’t tickle everyone spot, even if you are a fan of the fresh prince.


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