Doctor Strange – 2016

IMDB: Doctor Strange – 2016

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 89%

I have seen this movie at least a good dozen times. The idea to me that science and magic are intuitively are the same just with a difference of understanding or comprehension, are to me, the exact same as science and science fiction. Everything is possible even if it is just because we don’t know how yet.

The idea that one of our “hospital gods” (surgeons) suffers a career ending car accident, destroying his hands beyond any reasonable use. After being turned down by every other “hospital god” he speaks to someone who had suffered a injury that left him paralysed, and yet he now walks. And so Steven Strange begins his journey to Kama Taj, where he needs to learn how to put aside his significant ego and learn how to control himself and the hidden worlds of mysticism to save the world from an eternal enemy who seeks nothing more than to consume the everything he knows.

I’m not nor have ever been a comic book person, I just never got into them, and certainly never had the money for them, but these MCU movies just work for me. As with a lot of these movies the special effects appear to be done really well, as the storyline (whilst against the greater MCU does have holes in it) movie by movie are well told, and well executed.


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