Stripes – 1981

IMDB: Stripes 1981

IMDB Rating: 6.9/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

When Bill Murray (John) and Harold Ramis (Russell) decide that their no-hope lives need a change, John convinces them that they need to join the army. As you can imagine they are far from the finest recruits America’s finest have ever trained.

First they mange to bugger up the basic training repeatedly. Ensuring that their platoon repeatedly gets extra PT or chores (and landing themselves a couple of MP ladies), before the bumbling Captain Stillman manages to get their drill Sgt blown up, and them falling to fighting each other before pulling it together for graduation and getting a special assignment.

Well their special assignment is basically guarding a brand new Urban Assault Vehicle in Europe. When the rest of the platoon gets the weekend off what do the two mischief makers do? Decide to take the new UAV for a road trip to get their ladies, before invading the Czech Republic because the Captain found the UAV missing decided to do something stupid.

This is a series of laughs followed by more laughs and then some more laughs. Unlike a lot of Bill’s later work (which I feel got toned down a bit) this is constant good old fashioned humour that just leaves you chuckling away at the on screen antics.


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