The Seven Deadly Sins: S1E8-13 – 2017

IMDB: The Seven Deadly Sins: S1E8 – 2014

IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes: na%

The Seven Deadly Sins used to be a group of powerful adventurers before they were accused of a heinous crime, that they decided (were forced) to disband, separating to go their ways all across the countryside. Suddenly the need for them resurfaces when Princess Elizabeth requires them back together to heal the nation after the “self named” Holy Knights perform a coup de tat and take control. The first season revolves primarily around getting the game back together.

As a bit of the warning, Meliodis (the Dragon sin of wrath and Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins) is a little (well, a lot actually) inappropriate with the princess with almost an episodic quantity of groping, and well pig swears a hell of a lot at the bad guys.

These episodes are about the initial meeting to rejoin King to Ban, Diann, Meliodis and the pig in the Necropolis where only the dead should tread, before they head into a festival with some unusual effects on the Captain.


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