Dawn of the Dragonslayer – 2011

IMDB: Dawn of the Dragonslayer – 2011 – Also known as “Paladin”

IMDB Rating: 4.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes: na%

A boy witnesses his father being burnt to death by the poorly CGI’d fire breath of a dragon and vows one day to have his vengeance. Gets instead sent off to a minor noble  to be bonded (indentured) to work and learn skills to make a life for himself. On his way there he meets 3 lazy bullies, and a pretty sorceress.

Eventually he has a run in with a not so minor minor noble, haves a minor show of macho testosterone and has his arse handed back to him in a stableful of shit.

Eventually the dragon attacks the homestead of the minor noble and with the help of the sorceress manages to snap the minor nobles blade off in it’s shoulder by throwing the magnificent blade at it (rolls eyes).

Anyway the boy dons a suit of armour, has some more fisticuffs with the not so minor minor noble, and then slays the dragon and gets the girl. Ugh, really? I’m not even entirely sure that this is even worth being background noise.


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