One Punch Man: S1E12 – 2015

IMDB: One Punch Man: S1E12 – 2015

IMDB Rating: 9.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: na%

This is the climatic finish to the series about a guy, who can hit things, hard. Like “Oh my god!” hard. Like WTF really hard. But it’s just something he can do, like breathing.

After the S-Class heroes have battled their way through a number of the alien soldiers of the conquerer who landed on earth in the previous episode, it is now time for Saitama to showcase some of his power in his own unique way.

This is a series for all anime fans who like great action scenes and exceptionally satirical comedy. A prime example is when Saitama gets smashed off earth all the way to the moon, so what does he do, holds his nose and his breath completely casually.

If you are an anime fan and haven’t seen One Punch Man, get it on your list. Now.


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