Femme Fatales: S1E1 – 2017

IMDB: Femme Fatales: S1E1 – 2011

IMDB Rating: 7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: nn%

An anthology of “powerful, sexy and dangerous women” inspired by our tradition of pulp fiction, film noir and graphic novels. These episodes show the natural instincts to survive, to find solutions to their issues and get on with life.

This first episode shows the outcome of a bank robbery of 2 guys, and the plot that has the ladies they hire to celebrate who take them for all they’re worth. After traumatising one fo the robbers (with a white flower) they spend the night putting their plot into action.

Asides from a blatant amount of boobs that come out in this show (which I can’t deny my enjoyment of) it has a whole heap of electric storylines that just keep your attention for the full episode.


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